Friday, 1 June 2012

Royal Diamond!

Sixty Glorious Years!

Good effort.

New passenger ROSCO enters market!

Exciting news for fans of the Rolling Stock Library!

A brief perusal this morning showed the entire Southern 313 fleet had transferred to Beacon Rail.

Just fancy that.

Owner group responds to latest DfT Consultation - Exclusive

Eye has been sent a copy of a response to the DfT's consultation on the new London and the South franchise, launched yesterday.

According to the Department...

The franchise is expected to cover most of the existing First Capital Connect franchise, including the Thameslink line which is undergoing a £6 billion upgrade. Services currently run by Southern will be added to the new combined franchise from 2015. This would see a single train operator to take responsibility for all rail services from Brighton to King’s Lynn and Southampton to Ashford with London at the heart, creating the largest franchise in the UK rail market.

The top secret response to the consultation comes from TOC owners Arrational StageginAhead Firellio Group.

It says...

Dear Justine

Whilst broadly supportive of the proposals for a vast new franchise covering London and the South we do have one slight issue.

Namely the risk associated with having to put 30% of the country's entire fare box revenue through our books and the likely impact on our cashflow and market rating.

In consequence we are only able to offer effusive support for these proposals, furthermore we suggest an urgent meeting with both you, and the genius that thought this one up, at the usual little Bistro round the corner for trebles all round!!!

Love and kisses
Your mates on the Board

That is all.

Pointless signs - Steam, Swindon

This from a seriously hacked off photographer...

Thought you'd like this utter bollocks sign from STEAM in Swindon.

There is no child protection law concerning photography.

They appear hopelessly confused with the Data Protection Act and even then it has no relevance.

Presumably some petty council jobs-worth with too much time on their hands dreamt this one up?