Tuesday, 22 July 2008

No shit Sherlock

***Man dies at London's Vauxhall station after urinating on train track***

Read the London Paper story here

Proof is in the pudding

Good news for David Cameron and his commitment to integrated transport.

Conservative Guildford Borough Council has voted to end a free shuttle service linking railway and bus stations with the town's centre.

In a delightful attempt to shift the blame for their lack of vision onto the Disability Taliban, the council claimed that free disabled and elderly travel now made the bus service unnecessary.

Other piss-poor excuses included rising fuel costs.

"It simply doesn't make sense to use public money to continue to subsidise a free service in these circumstances, especially as escalating fuel costs would make the service even more expensive than the present £90,000 a year." said Councillor Jenny Wicks.

Good to see that Dave's troops are listening to what the great man is saying.

Peter - we need you!

The Fact Compiler has an apology to make. He has in the past accused DafT of being clueless. He accepts that this is not true.

They are in fact completely clueless.

Railway Eye readers may recollect an amusing Parliamentary exchange on the 19th June when Tom Harris 'fessed-up that his civil servants have no idea how much rolling stock there is on the network and are reliant upon a Roger Ford crib.

Now of course this could not possibly be true because in January of this year DafT published a Rolling Stock Plan which said where new trains should go. So they must know where the existing trains are.

To help clear the matter up Shadow Transport Minister Stephen Hammond MP tabled a further question along the same lines asking the Secretary of State "on what date her Department ceased to hold and collate this information?"

Yesterday Tom Harris gave the written answer: "I refer the hon. Member to my answer of 19 June. This information has never been routinely collected in the Department."

The Fact Compiler hopes that the MoD doesn't allocate new rifles on the same basis that DafT allocates new trains.

Meanwhile an urgent message to Peter Fox: A case of your finest "Platform 5 Combi" spotter books to Marsham Street please!