Monday, 3 May 2010

Fire sale at Arriva Cross Country

This from Crossed Lines...

More Arriva Cross Country fares madness after the 23rd May.

Having taken a right royal kicking for the UK's first £1k+ rail fare which no one bought (No shit Sherlock. Ed) it would appear that Arriva Cross Country have retreated into the bunker.

The latest fares manual reveals that they have capped all First class Open Returns at £640!.

A few examples…

  • Exeter St Davids to Edinburgh – now £665.00, on 23 May £640.00 (3.76% decrease)
  • Bristol Temple Meads to Aberdeen – now £704.50, on 23 May £640.00 (9.16% decrease)
  • Newquay to Kyle of Lochalsh – beginning of year £1068, on 23 May £640.00 (40.07% decrease)
  • Newquay to Kyle of Lochalsh – now £921.00, on 23 May £640.00 (30.51% decrease)
  • Penzance to Wick – now £934.00, on 23 May £640.00 (31.48% decrease)
Presumably this more than generous discount, on tickets no one has bought, is supposed to be penance for not providing the promised WiFi, etc...

UPDATE: This from Barry...

Having just had a quick look at the NFM05 data on The Manual, it's not just the FOR that's been capped.

The SORs have been capped at £420.

Or, to put it another way, the most you'll pay for an Anytime Return is £10 less than the relevant 7 Day All Line Rail Rover.

UPDATE: This from @SWLines....

Congratulations are surely due to The Thin Controller.

This means that nationalised East Coast (prop Lord Adonis) now offers the UK's most expensive ticket.

This being a £749 First Open Return via London on the Newquay to Kyle of Lochalsh route.

Pointless signs - "Special" passengers