Friday, 15 October 2010

Railway Heritage Committe gets walk on part !

'Nuff said...

Frenchies throw toys out of pram!

This from

France has stepped up its opposition to Eurostar's decision to buy trains from Germany's Siemens AG instead of French supplier Alstom by taking the case to the European Commission, a German newspaper reported on Friday

This is going to get very interesting.

Or not.

Real time disruption information on Facebook

ATOC continues to enhance the information that it provides to Social Media users.

The Train Operator's lobby group has set up individual pages for each TOC allowing Facebook users to be alerted to network disruption in real-time.

The page listing all operators can be found here.

Good effort.

Death of BRB(R) somewhat premature?

This from The Shunter...

Quite ironic that the BRB(R) is being wound up, just as the McNulty review is likely to conclude that we need a small, non-governmental, body to lead the industry.

Something that can guide a devolved, regionally focused, Network Rail and at the same time develop a franchising policy that compliments the new one-size-doesn't-fit-all industry structure

Mystic Shunter predicts that in March we will see the announcement of this new body.

Called the 'Railway Executive' it will sound both modern and exciting, and for students of railway history strangely familiar...