Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Higgins keeps his word - Shocker!

Much amusement in the industry over today's coverage of David Higgins decision 'to resign'!

Take this, from the usually well informed David Millward in Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph.... 

The decision to resign, which was broken by Sky News, came within days of a fresh row erupting over the bonus package offered to Sir David and four other senior executives at the helm of the company responsible for the country’s train and track infrastructure.

However according to Network Rail, Sir David, 58, has chosen to leave his post to allow his successor to steer through a five year investment package worth more than £35 billion.

“David always made it clear that he didn’t plan to stay on until 2019,” a Network Rail source said. 

Errrr... quite so.

So if Higgins had always made clear that he didn't plan to stay on for CP5 (which he did, even within earshot of the lowly Fact Compiler) then what is the story?

Of course there is a much more interesting tale lurking beneath these lazy headlines: Will the next CEO of Network Rail be an engineer?

Meanwhile, back in the silly season, our next Monarch but two (DV) will be His Majesty King George.

Sire, please could you fix it for Eye to have sloppy journalists' heads lopped off. Ta.

Our Ma Sheriff's become proactive!

Steps back in amazement!

There is some good news to be found amongst the chaos of Civil Servant rolling stock procurement.

Our Ma Sheriff's (nee the Hammond Organs) otherwise known as the DfT press office have become proactive!

Eye has almost been besieged with information on why the Class 0800 (nee Incredibly Expensive Procurement) is a Good Thing!

Hmmm... the jury is out!

But a welcome development none the less.

Meanwhile, seems a shame that no-one in Marsham Street has spotted that numbers in the 0800 series are traditionally... free!