Tuesday, 28 April 2009

More spun than spinned against.

Someone's been a naughty boy!

This from The Grauniad on the 13th April:

The government is considering a £250m stimulus package for the railways aimed at boosting revenues and passenger numbers...

Nothing in the budget as far as we could see.

Qui bono?

Crossrail doomed?

This from Simon Jenkins in the Evening Standard...

Kill Crossrail to save the Tube.

Is the recession about to claim its first major railway project?

UPDATE: This, amazingly, from 'AA Milne'...

It's amazing how quickly journalists have changed their tune, only a few days ago, it was all "support the public sector" but now they're all banging on about saving money.

They're sensing the death of NuLabour, they want to be on the winning side at the next election.

Presumably Mr Milne is a Conservative gentleman?

Wolmar's sexy singles shocker

Eye readers may recall that Labour MP and uber-blogger Tom Harris was caught advertising Caviar and Foie Gras on his blog.

Now Wolmar's at it; although he appears to be catering to somewhat earthier tastes.

Obviously the clever chappies who feed ads to his site have worked out that anyone interested in railways must be a billy-no-mates in search of love (or a quick knee trembler).

No matter.

Our spotter, however, was more concerned about Wolmar's "Tag Cloud".

Would judicious use of the infamous bidet clear the problem, he asks?

Straitscoach woes

All appears not to be well between Stagecoach and DafT.

This from Stagecoach's Trading Update:

The Group is also providing an update on the status of discussions between it and the Department for Transport (“DfT”) in respect of the South Western Trains (“SWT”) rail franchise.

More to follow...

UPDATE: This from PA via Business East Midlands...

South West Trains operator Stagecoach has warned of a "significant" operating loss in two years if a dispute with the Government is not resolved.

Bodes well for discussions on the South Central franchise...