Thursday, 3 January 2013

Durham celebrates first Railway Garden of 2013!

This from the Long Reach of the Law...

Is it too late for an entry to the festive railway garden competition?

Certainly not.

Wishing all readers on the North Eastern an happy Epiphany!

So just how expensive are UK rail fares?

This from The Man in Seat 61...

So the next time someone says (or you read) "Britain has the highest rail fares in Europe", you'll know this is only 15% of the story.  The other 85% is that we have similar or even cheaper fares, too.

Read his analysis here.

Pointless signs - York

This from The Cynic...

In the spirit of the January sales, East Coast is offering ‘two pointless signs for the price of one’ on platform 4 at York!