Sunday, 19 October 2008

Less is less

Telegrammed by The Master
One has to wonder who the bright spark is at VWC who thought that replacing all the quiet coach stickers with far fewer, smaller ones was actually a good idea.

Trying to get some antisocial cretins to take heed was bad enough before - now that you need a magnifying glass to read them and a map to find them it's bound to cause even more friction.

Perhaps it's a cunning plan to ensure that quiet coaches are abandoned all together?


First... for shooting itself in the foot.

First Group runs rail services in the Bristol area (prop. Andrew Haines).

First Group also runs local bus services (prop. Nicola Shaw).

Here a picture, courtesy of Mathew White & the BBC, of a First Group bus wedged beneath a railway bridge in Station Road, Blackwell.

Perhaps Andrew could remind Nicola about the disruption caused by bridge strikes?