Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Pointless signs - Market Harborough

Wolmar addresses the nation!

Good news for fans of The World's Greatest Living Transport Correspondent! (Sid and Doris Gricer? Ed)

The putative Mayor of London is joining Nigel Harris and other members of the great and good at the Transport Select Committee this morning to outline their vision for Rail 2020.

The fun and games start at 10:05 and the running order is as follows:
  1. Christian Wolmar, Railway author and broadcaster, Nigel Harris, Managing Editor, Rail Magazine, and John Nelson, Chairman, First Class Partnerships Limited
  2. Tom Smith, Chairman, Association of Train Operating Companies, Gatwick Airport
  3. Tim Shoveller, Managing Director, South West Trains, Paul Plumber, Network Rail, and Dominic Booth, Abellio / Greater Anglia Trains 
You can view the proceedings, live, here.

UPDATE: Now you can view all 2 hours, not exactly live, but certainly here!

A good performance from all involved.

Those of a nervous disposition may wish to shy away from Mr Shoveller's realignment of Ms Ellman's compass on matters safety.

But then what are 'Chairs' for, but sitting on.

Bring back 'Madam Chairman' says Eye!