Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Germany calling #2

Telegrammed by Lord Tee Hee
Having spent the past two days whizzing around the Karlsruhe tram/train network I can only wonder at the honesty of the Germans.

I haven't had my pass checked once in over 20 trips.

So, either the country is so scrupulously law-abiding that no one fare evades, or KVV see it as such a small problem that it's not worth employing anyone for revenue protection.

I wonder how this will translate to our own tram/train experiment?

Night of the long spoons

According to Xbriefing, with a bowler tip to HQ Staffer, Gordon Brown will have a "Cabinet cull... by the end of the week..."

Xbriefing then names those whose time in government is at an end:

Transport Secretary Geoff Hoon, the Home Secretary Jackie Smith, the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, and the Communities Secretary Hazel Blears."

Two down (by their own hands) and two to go.

So if Hoon of that Ilk goes who will replace him?

Time for another exciting Eye survey...

Lookalike XlX - Resigned to the WCML?

This just in from PJ over at Network Rail's Internet Rapid Rebuttal Unit...

Well, the ORR and Virgin have had one or two things to say about West Coast performance today and obviously we at Network Rail have things to say on the subject too.

But let me just say one person wanted to get out of London very quickly today - and that was Hazel Blears.

And what did she do?

Hotfooted to Euston to get a speedy and reliable, turn-up-and-go service (VT ppm as at 18:00 today 92%) to Manchester.

Maybe we should use her in our new ad campaign?
Or perhaps not...

Too late PJ - looks like Virgin got there before you...

Do you know of a recently resigned government minister who is a lookalike of someone in a Virgin Trains ad?

Alternatively are you a recently resigned government minister, or a minister who is about to resign, whose doomed career could be resurrected by appearing on Railway Eye.

All submissions to the usual address...

UPDATE: Captain Deltic sniggers...

Presumably the Chipmunk put her walk on fare on expenses?

South Central: And the winner is...

***Rail Business Intelligence suggesting Govia has retained South Central, formal announcement expected after the Local/Euro elections***

No one expects...

Whilst Passenger Focus, the official passenger watchdog, continues in dead sheep mode at least one lobby group endeavours to fight the passengers' corner.

The Campaign for Better Transport (Transport 2000 in old money) has launched a viral internet campaign calling for rail fares to be reduced.

The muesli munchers believe that any resulting shortfall in industry income could be covered by taxing aviation fuel used for domestic flights.

All very laudable and the Eye wishes them the best.

However, one small question.

Why are both the train and plane in the video wearing tights?

Could this have anything to do with the CBT's president being the celebrated crank, former Python and occasional cross-dresser Michael Palin?

Those Network Rail numbers in full

The Goodish, the bad and the very ugly

The Goodish:
Pre-tax 'profit' year ending 31 March down to £1.52bn, from £1.59bn last year.

The Bad: Net debt up to £22.3bn from £19.7bn.

The Very Ugly: Pension deficit up 80% from £370 million to £664 million.

Thank goodness NR is a private company and this won't hit our taxes.