Thursday, 22 September 2011

Operation Sea Lion delayed

Air and Business Travel News is reporting that DB services through the Chunnel will not now start until 2013

The initial plans of the German national rail network is to run three services a day to Brussels.

From there the train will divide with one section going on to Brussels and Amsterdam via Rotterdam and the other to Cologne and Frankfurt.

DB had originally hoped to reach London in 2012.

Older readers will recollect that similar German plans to cross the Channel 70 years ago were also subject to significant delay.

UPDATE: This from the Grim Reaper..

This would be hot news had DB intended to start “operations” in 2012.

However, as they have only ever intended to start in December 2013, it is distinctly un-news.

UPDATE: This from Herr Lock...

We’ve always planned 2013!

The Fact Compiler can only apologise!

Obviously he took far too seriously the claims by DB CEO Herr Grube, made on the Today Programme in September last year, that DB had wanted to start services in time for the Olympics but was being blocked by 'safety bureacracy'.

Still good to know that all is going to plan.

Bombardier piles on the grease

This from a Mr James Perky...

According to the Independent's 'i' newspaper today:

What's the betting Siemen's signs up Claudia Shiffer just out of spite!

UPDATE: This from Chionanthus Virginicus...

That's positive news for Derby.

I assume the Bombardier theme tune is now this!!!

Derbygate - Cold Comfort from LibDems

This from Ithuriel...

According to Nick Clegg:

"Do remember there are going to be lots of other rail contracts and I very much hope Bombardier will bid for them"

Care to list them, Mr Clegg?

Perhaps Bombardier should ask if they can borrow NR's Rapid Rebuttal Unit to kick this sort of misleading spin out of court?