Sunday, 14 May 2017

All The Stations - worth a watch

A Pilgrimage of Grice undertaken by Geoff and Vicki, supported by RDG...

From the All The Stations website:

All The Stations is a project to travel to ALL the national railway stations in Britain in just three months, and to create an online documentary film about the journey.

Here is a vlog the team filmed yesterday:

Good effort!

Worth a watch. Worth a follow.

Meanwhile, Eye hopes that RDG will contact RFG and RSG so that freight and the supply chain can also offer to showcase their contribution to Britain's railway?

Three percent (3%) will take some nudging, so every channel counts.

If we are serious about 'One Railway', Eye would expect nothing less.

Shot in arm for Corbyn nationalisation plans!

No, sorry. Eye lied. 

It's actually a huge shot in the foot, or other more sensitive parts of the anatomy!

Readers of today's Sunday Times will no doubt have seen the following story about state owned Network Rail:

Key take away:

Engineers for Network Rail have warned train company bosses and government officials that a plan to upgrade Waterloo station in August is in trouble and disruption could be worse than forecast.

Well-placed sources believe the impact on passengers will be so severe the entire project could be delayed for a year or scaled back.

Full article can be found here.

Eye salutes Network Rail's Infrastructure Projects (IP), for consistency in delivery. 

IP - tasked with enhancing the railway. Sadly, not in the eyes of our industry, its stakeholders and customers (FFS!)