Friday, 21 August 2009

Sadiq says...

Via Twitter...

Exciting announcement on smart cards (like Oyster) for all public transport in the UK...

Quite so minister.

Although not entirely 'like Oyster'.

Oyster works.

Whilst ITSO, on the other hand...

Another maintenance holiday?

Network Rail's East Midlands' Route Utilisation Strategy makes interesting reading.

Here for instance...

3.1 Train operators
At present, four franchised passenger train operators and six freight train operators runservices over the lines covered by the Route Utilisation Strategy (RUS).

These are: CrossCountry, East Midlands Trains, First Capital Connect, Northern Rail, DB Schenker, Freightliner, First GB Railfreight, Fastline Freight, Colas Rail and Advenza Freight.


But what's this?

No mention of Derby based operator Serco, who run Network Rail's own infrastructure monitoring trains.

Perhaps the New Black Tower has identified another efficiency saving?

Flushed with failure...

It's not just Pendolini, Voyagers and Merdians you know.

This from 'Doron' on Tuesday...

18/08/09 10:15 2H81 TOILET FAULT DIN 158712

First ScotRail Control and Inverness RETB SC report that Driver of 2H81 is not prepared to take train beyond Dingwall due to a disgusting smell emanating from toilets on 158712 which has now permeated the whole train.

Up to 69 minutes when I booked off at 14:00.

It makes you wonder if the toiletless TramTrain might not be such a bad idea, if they ever happen of course...

2009 Railway Garden Competition #XX - Revisited

This just in from Dr Gloucester...

I found myself at Salford Crescent again this evening.

There may be an avid follower of the Eye in Network Rail at Manchester, looks like the abundant growth near the Relay Room has had a dose of Roundup (TM) since it was entered in the Railway Garden Competition.

Is this down to coincidence, or embarrassment, I wonder?

Over at the platform end, it's the same story, nowhere for those pesky Pacers to hide now.

To avoid distressing those of a sensitive nature, no Pacers were photographed during the compilation of this submission.

So, NR, if you're still watching, how about tackling this lot, viewed from midway along the Up Platform face.

Then maybe you'd like to deal with this, just round the corner at Ordsall Lane Junction. Yes, that's a signal in there.

The Fact Compiler compliments Network Rail on getting to grips with the vegetation at Salford Crescent and hopes it is able to continue the good work...

North Korea sets ITSO standard

Telegrammed by Ithuriel
Why do the Government keep on insulting our intelligence?

According to the DfT's consultation document on smart and integrated ticketing:

"There is a Government sponsored national specification for smart ticketing called ITSO which is designed to make different schemes technically compatible with each other, facilitating seamless journeys. The specification is maintained by ITSO Ltd, an independent member controlled organisation".

So independent and member controlled that DafT nominates three directors to the board, each with four votes when the other members can only muster 11 votes between them.

Even Kim Jung Il would be impressed by such transparent democracy.

Mandy in hospital

This from the BBC...

Lord Mandelson is in hospital for an operation for a "benign condition of the prostate", says a government spokesman.

What a triumph of modern science to find the one part of the First Secretary that isn't malignant... (with a bowler tip to Evelyn Waugh)

UPDATE: This from Surgeon General Potter...

Further to your coverage on Mandlesons continued pulse, I feel I should be the first to suggest a form of surgery that will suit all.

Please find below the solution to Mandy's health woes.


If it's good enough for Al Gore, then it's good enough for the Noble Lord Mandelson.

After all, people like Al Gore.

South Africa unites behind Midlands & Continental Shocker

It's not just South African athletes whose gender is being called into question.

This from the Derby Evening Telegraph...

Network Rail route director Dyan Crowther said the plan was in response to a growth in demand for rail travel, with the national passenger demand of three million journeys made nationally per day predicted to rise by 28% during the next decade.

He said: "Demand for rail travel has grown significantly over the last decade, and while this success is to be welcomed, it brings with it the challenge of meeting this demand while improving services for rail users."

ATOC is keen to look into the matter...