Thursday, 25 August 2011

Railway Garden Competition - Stourbridge Junc

UPDATE: This from The Major...

Not only has the Stourbridge Line a fine selection of plant life, someone has even dumped a greenhouse on the track!

NR employs hare raising scheme

Exciting news from NR's Sussex Route!

This from the Route Performance Manager:

To improve communication and awareness of our performance, we are launching The Sussex Hare.

This is a performance challenge, designed to communicate how we are doing against challenging, but realistic, daily performance goals.

Every day, you will receive an e-mail outlining how the previous day's performance went, highlighting our achievements and areas for improvement.

Every week and every 4 week period, the message will be longer and will summarise how we have done in the previous week or period.

Our mission is simple: to catch as many Sussex Hares as possible. There are clear measures of success, outlined and defined below.

Good news indeed!

The missive continues...

Why a Sussex hare?

Two reasons: firstly, you may remember we once had a Golden Rabbit performance competition. This is the closest thing to that!

Secondly, the hare is an animal well-known across the Sussex Downs, north and south. So a nice local trophy!

No doubt the Sussex Hare will also help sign off the somewhat delayed JPIP for the route?

UPDATE: This from Bugs Bunny...

Sadly a Horsham driver managed to run over the Sussex Hare this morning, at the third attempt!