Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Passenger Focusballs

Telegrammed by our Independent Expert
The good folk from Passenger Focus conducting the National Passenger Survey were doing the business on Preston station this afternoon.

Among the questions was:

"What alternative method of transport would you have liked to use to get to Preston Station?"

One option offered by the interviewers was "By Underground Train"

Over to you Boris

Wolmar talks cr@p - Official

A little two much information from Mr Wolmar we feel!

This from today's Gruaniad letters page...

Of course toilet roll is environmentally unsustainable (Soft, strong and very wrong - America's multi-ply habit, 27 February) - even the recycled stuff.

Best not to use any at all.

Since visiting India three years ago, I have virtually dispensed with it entirely. A brief spray of high pressure water from a handy attachment and a quick dry off with a towel is far cleaner, healthier and more pleasant than a wipe which never actually cleans properly. And much more hygienic since the hand never comes into contact.

In fact, attaching such devices, now very common in India, should be mandatory on all new housing, with financial support from the water companies who will save millions in filtration costs.

The next environmental trend after recycling?

Christian Wolmar

Cue weak jokes about not poo pooing the suggestion.

Forster to go?

***Reports in blogland that Alison Forster is leaving First Group***

Austerity bites at DfT!

Telegrammed by our man at 222 Marylebone Road
Monday evening's soiree for the ROSCOs at Marsham Street suggests that the Mrs Merton question applies in politics.

"What exactly attracted you to a bunch of profiteers with tens of millions to invest in new trains, Mr Hoon?"

However the rapprochement can only go so far.

Despite the meeting being called for 17.00, tea and biscuits were not provided.