Monday, 9 May 2011

A hot weekend for Eye's favourite spinner...

Good to see a PR at the top of his game!

Eye favourite the
soi disant 'veteran' observer managed to sink in the mire of the twitterverse this weekend.

Bluster-Brown, for it was he, was left floundering as the hashtag #trainonfire lit up Sunday's internet, at one point being viewed by 22,500 'tweeps'.

And where in this alleged conflagration was the great spin surgeon?

Left forlornly punting emails to a twitter based Guardian hack...

Happily no fire, no story.

No matter!

Eye advises all TOCs (with the following noble exceptions who Actually Do Twitter)....

"Get with the program, get a corporate Twitter account, get your team on-line and engage".

'Nuff said.