Friday, 18 July 2008

Sex, religion, politics and railways

The Fact Compiler likes to keep readers abreast of the doings of the great and the good.

For instance next Wednesday will finally see Secretary of State for Transport Ruth Kelly hold her long promised cocktail party for industry hacks.

The "do", which has been cancelled twice before, has been meticulously planned down to the last detail.

But to be on the safe side Roger Ford has kindly agreed not to broach the subject of railways unless Ruth does so first.

Close 2 Closure

Good news for lovers of the English language.

C2C, the ludicrously named franchise which serves London, Tilbury and Southend, has had its franchise extension turned down by DfT.

In the normal course of events this would mean that National Express would lose the franchise in 2011 (rather than 2014 if they had succeeded in gaining an extension).

However, National Express may be spared the indignity of returning the keys early due to the inability of Spencer-like Mandarins to follow due process.

The Fact Compiler understands that "stiff" representations have been made to Marsham Street and that as a result DafT will entertain a "revised submission" for the franchise's extension.