Monday, 11 November 2013

HS2 - Close but no cigar

This from Biggles...

No you fools, I said 'Alison' Munro!

Gibb transitions from poacher to gamekeeper

So. A big Eye farewell to Chris Gibb, as he moves from Chief Operating Officer at Virgin to a Non-exec role at Network Rail. 

With NR soon to abandon King's Place for pastures new it looks as if Gibby is keeping an eye on future travel expenses by selecting a sub-125 mode of transport.

Behold the Non-exec vehicle de choix - the Twizy, which Renault claims has a range of 61 miles between charges.

Alas, the actualité appears to be closer to 50 miles.

Chums of the railman be warned, a visit from Chris may see him clutching three pin plug in hand!

Moor Street Service of Remembrance

This from a Mr Tony Miles...

On Armistice Day I thought Eye readers might be interested to see picture of the West Midlands Railway Service of Remembrance, held at Moor Street station on Friday 8th. 

The event was attended by representatives of all TOCs serving the West Midlands, Network Rail, the emergency services, British Legion and members of the Armed Forces.

The GWR memorial plaque to the fallen in the Great War, on the concourse at Moor Street, notes that 25,479 GWR employees served in that war, 33% of the company's staff. Of those 2,436 lost their lives.
We shall remember.

Silver Stump Watch - Euston

This from the The Coneworker...

Platform 1 Emergency escape, Euston. 

Surely a hindrance to Escapees?