Sunday, 20 March 2011

Luvvie Wilson faces lifetime rail ban - Shocker

Much excitement in railway press offices across the land!

Luvvie Wilson has taken to the media trail to promote tomorrow's Channel 4 Dispatches programme.

The Sunday Times even devoted a whole page to the 74 year old, and former 90's celebrity, noting that he has:

"...never made a secret of his twin tastes for champagne and socialism.

"For the past twenty years Wilson has rarely encountered the ignominy of second-class..."


Eye is frankly surprised he can remember what class he travels nowadays, as clearly the years have taken their toll.

Sadly on a recent rail journey to Sheffield, with amazingly enough a film crew in tow, it emerged that the old boy had forgotten both his wallet and Senior Railcard!

Having paid a mere £15.85 for a first class return!!! the absent minded voice of the Labour Party manifesto, when asked to show his correct travel documentation, accused a hapless Gripper of calling him a liar.

Ed Balls would be proud!

No matter.

The industry will be watching tomorrow's programme with interest.

On the plus side Eye has spotted grounds to ensure that Meldrew cannot take advantage of the industry again!

Meanwhile, the Railway Benefit Fund may wish to consider their links with such a partial observer?