Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pointless signs - York bins

This from Northern Spirit...

Nope. No bins here!

RDG seeks Associate Members... please?

This from Graham Smith, Director General of the Rail Delivery Group...

“The Rail Delivery Group is pleased to invite companies and organisations that are able to contribute to the work and objectives of the Group to become Associate Members. By becoming Associate Members of the RDG, companies and organisations can make a material contribution to the achievement of the RDG’s objectives, which will, in turn, benefit passengers, freight customers and taxpayers”

Very good and quite right too!

Application forms for RDG Associate Membership can be found here.

But why is the RDG, now a company limited by guarantee, still issuing press releases through Network Rail...

Ou est la TOPS

Dontcha just love the Frenchies!

This from Lloyds Loading List...

French rail freight operator Fret SNCF is offering staff a reward if they can find around 150 (apparently empty) rail wagons that have gone missing over the past decade.

Railwaymen are to be offered the sum of €82.10 for each wagon located.

A spokesperson for parent company SNCF Geodis told Lloyd’s Loading the search for the wagons was part of an initiative to remedy a discrepancy between where the company’s IT systems showed wagons to be and their actual location.

Fourth Railway Package?

First pen and paper may be a better starting point!

Rocking Norman deeply confused - Official

Wise words from Norman Baker in today's Metro...

The railways would have been better off in state hands than under the regime introduced in the 1990s, Norman Baker said.

But Mr Baker stressed nationalising railways now would be expensive and unnecessary.

Quite so Minister, quite so.

And talking of 'expensive and unnecessary' what will the privatisation of state owned East Coast cost?

Are we perhaps having a 'cake and eat it' moment Norm?