Thursday, 4 May 2017

Railway Sculptures - Hall Royd

The return of an occasional series celebrating the rich diversity of artistic forms that Network Rail have left in strategic locations to delight the passenger...

Behold, Hall Royd Scrapyard... sorry, Junction!

This sculpture was installed in 2015 to commemorate the opening (finally) of the Todmorden curve.

Exclusive - DfT proposes new DOO train design!

Despite purdah, Eye sources have leaked this revolutionary DfT design for a DOO compliant train...

Perhaps surprisingly, no mention of how it will draw juice from the Apostle of the Third Rail!

UPDATE: This from a Mr Barry Spotter, for it is he...

Further to your enquiry regarding shoe gear on the exciting new DfT approved DOO train.

Potter Rail has been assured by operators that all drivers will be fitted with shoes. Or boots.

Wet Toast - warming the market for rail

How the heart swells when you see traditional scenes like this on today's railway!

What's that you say?

It's not from a kettle!


Shaken and stirred: Ross to Scotrail

This from The Herald...

David Ross, one of the most senior figures in [Labour leader, Kezia] Dugdale’s team, will leave after June 8th to join transport firm Scotrail on a temporary basis.

His social media biography describes him as “official spokesman” to Ms Dugdale and states: “I am a senior staff member in the Scottish Labour Party's communications team, reporting directly to the leader.”

A big gain for Scotrail, but the timing of the announcement is interesting, just before the local and general elections.