Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pointless signs - First Hull Trains

This from IKB...

Good news for all fans of gaspers!

FHT have evidently relaxed the draconian restrictions on lighting-up in this carriage, although smoking on top is still verboten!

First - but not for syntax.

One foot in the dor?

This from Dear, Dear, Dicky... 

Tuning into Sky's brand new series on East Coast, my ears were audibly assaulted by some dulcet thespy Scottish tones reminding me of the popularity of rail travel and how hard TOC staff work.

Why it was none other than 1990s has-been (shurely: 'favourite'? Ed), star of the 2011 Channel 4 Dispatches rail travel 'documentary' and everyone's favourite leftie - Richard Wilson!

Presumably this time the uber-luvvie was in possession of his Senior Railcard? 

Very much a case of "I don't believe it.".

Hammond Eggs - Standing up for passengers

This from the Daily Mirror...

After a leak by rail union RMT, Transport Minister Stephen Hammond yesterday admitted bidders for the rail franchise will be “free to consider such initiatives as third-class travel”.

Bidders, ministers and officials will of course keep in mind that under the PRM (Passengers with Reduced Mobility) Regulations each class of travel requires its own fully accessible facilities.

Rosco chums suggest that each PRM compliant lavatory takes up the space of approximately seven seats, as passengers forced to stand on Voyagers will no doubt be more than aware!

Good to see DfT's new, improved, franchising policy addressing capacity issues so early on in the process.