Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Time for NR to take power?

The Fact Compiler's latest column in Passenger Transport published on the 26th April...

The next edition of Passenger Transport will be published on the 10th of May.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Tony Miles...

May I add a response to your interesting (and timely?) column on electrification?

Why just Network Rail? 

I understand Siemens has an interest in power generation in another part of its empire and I’m sure others do too. Why not offer a “design, build, maintain and power” contract for new trains? The builder would be obliged to either construct a power plant of some sort itself or join a consortium that would include a power generation partner.

As you suggest with NR – there’s nothing to stop them creating additional capacity and selling it to other rail operators or the market at a good price….

Of course had IEP been let on this basis would the bidding consortium have been so happy to agree to build a load of trains which would consume additional electricity to carry round those heavy diesel engines or would they have come up with an alternative solution?

Virgin avoids wardrobe malfunction

This from the Daily Mirror...

Sir Richard Branson has been forced to buy his train staff new bras – because their latest uniforms are too skimpy.

Virgin Trains workers say their blouses are too short and so flimsy that passengers will see if they are wearing dark bras.

Virgin’s business support department is now offering them a £20 voucher for new underwear after delaying the uniform by three weeks.

Unlike Beardie Rail to get into a pickle over ladies' embonpoints, as this picture from 2009 shows...

No indeedy.