Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Whitehall News - Clare in the Community

This is almost too good not to share!

Overheard recently in a coffee shop on Horseferry Road...

"DG Rail is extremely bright and definitely going places, we just have to wait until she does".

A higher recommendation you could not possibly receive.

Evidently waves are being made.

Carry on... please!

Exposed - new Bombardier ploy to secure Crossrail fleet!

This from today's Derby Telegraph...

It might just work!

Rail Europe rebranded

So farewell to the final remnant of the former British Rail International.

This from Travel Weekly...

European train ticket firm Rail Europe is being rebranded under the name Voyages-sncf.com.

The UK arm will join the French National Railways tour operating division and take its name by the end of the year.

Services currently dedicated to the UK travel trade will become part of a single Europe-wide offering, Voyages-sncf.eu.

Another UK railway brand bites the dust.