Tuesday, 20 October 2009

First for not being first...

The Gruaniad Travel Awards have just been announced (with a bowler tip to Chiltern):

Best train company:

Eurostar takes the honours for the third year in a row.

Top five: 1. Eurostar 2. Chiltern Railways 3. Eurotunnel 4. First ScotRail 5. Virgin Trains

Eye supposes it would be churlish not to congratulate First ScotRail for making it into the top five.

UPDATE: This from the Archer...

So two of the top three are non-franchised operators and the third got the only twenty-year franchise.

So, in terms of the usual 7 or 10 year franchises; First did indeed come first.

Shocking but true.

Next week: Network Rail voted The Gruaniad's top Infrastructure provider.

Airlines show how to do PA announcements

When you're small you have to try that little bit harder...

"You will not get that on United Airlines, I guarantee you."


With apologies to those who already follow The Fact Compiler on Twatter and FaceAche.

UPDATE: This just in from 'Is 1A03 out of Chester yet, Bert?'

On second thoughts The Fact Compiler will take his chances with God's Own County Airways...

UPDATE: This from
Inspector Blakey...

Bit of a stretch to call Southwest Airlines small, old man. It's the biggest airline in the world in terms of passenger numbers...

From an ex-pat temporarily marooned in the States.

Railway the wrong way

This just in from a Mr Wood...

Please see forum entry posted today at 7.29:

“An update...

43321+43357 on 1V50....

Set ran ECS EC - Edinburgh Waverley then Edinburgh Waverley to Berwick on Tweed.
1V50 starts from Berwick on Tweed, 22 late and the reason...

wait for it...

A shortage of available staff to dispatch the train at Edinburgh Waverley!

Don't want to put the poor dears at NXEC out do we?

Pointless signs - First for effort

Bloke with chainsaw becomes millionaire

The Eye finally understands why Alan Titchmarsh is rolling in lolly.

This from the BBC with a bowler tip to AlanG...

Network Rail... says there are are 21,000 miles of track to keep clear and the cost of pruning and felling trees is between £20,000 and £50,000 per mile.

How much?!?

UPDATE: This, somewhat unbelievably, from Capability Brown...


As one who has supervised the felling of countless trees when improving country estates, may I comment on the costs of removing arboreal features alongside the rail-way?

Say 500 guineas to fell a tree. Then 20,000 guineas a mile represents 40 trees or one every 132 feet, which does not seem too high a frequency in my personal observations.

Might I crave your indulgence to add that nothing so pleases the eye of God and man as a well ordered estate and that Mr Coucher Esq would do well to restore his linesides to the pristine nature of yesteryear by razing embankments and cuttings within his way leave to grass.

I would hope to see, in particular, the elimination of that abomination the Buddleia.

I remain, Sir,
Your Humble and Obt Svt

Lancelot Brown

UPDATE: This just in from Captain Deltic...

Is Capability Brown related to the well known PR hack Incapability Brennan-Brown?

UPDATE: This just in from Rupert Brennan Brown...