Sunday, 10 August 2008

Railway Garden Competition #8

This particular entry is the subject of some debate amongst the judges of the Railway Garden Competition.

Is it a Railway Garden or a Station Garden?

The foilage says Railway but the even spacing suggests Station Garden.

Either way a commendable effort by Network Rail's new Midland and Continental team.

Railway Garden Competition #7

The railway garden is no different to those apogees of the Horticulturalists' art - the gardens at The Royal Hospital Flower Show, Chelsea.

Too little water and all your best endeavours are in vain.

At Crewe this particular problem has been overcome.

Such is the shiite state of the guttering that it pours endlessly over pillar, platform and passenger alike.

Lest Network Rail protest that the image above was taken during abnormal levels of rainfall (in August!) the Fact Compiler would like to point out the verdigris - attacking brick and dissolving 'gobbo' alike - a clear sign of long term neglect.

The First Trumpet Blast Against...

There was much angst in the media over Linda Buchanan who rebuked two young men for smoking on a platform and was thrown onto the railway for her troubles.

Victoria Coren in today's Observer took a different view.

Good on you Victoria!