Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Guns go silent on WCML. Armistice to be signed?

This from Virgin Trains...

More frequent departures and even faster journeys are on the Virgin Trains agenda as demand for rail travel grows and air goes into decline.

Virgin Trains is going all out for the Glasgow market, having grounded the airlines between Liverpool and London and become the travel mode of choice for Manchester-London.

And on, and on, it continues. With not one mention of the infrastructure controller.


UPDATE: Up to a point Lord Copper...

"Don't mess with us!" threatens NR

Either our armed forces are now so emasculated by fighting on two fronts that they can be whipped by a couple of HR dollies and Steve from Accounts...

...or Network Rail really does have some hard cases on the payroll.

This from an NR press release:

Who’s tougher? The Army, Air Force or Navy? None of them – it’s Network Rail. So proved our apprentices in the prestigious annual Junior Leaders Field Gun Competition, held at HMS Collingwood in Gosport, Hampshire. In the ultimate battle of strength, endurance, speed, accuracy and team work, Network Rail apprentices came out on top.

You pays your money you takes your choice.

UPDATE (belatedly): This from our man at 222 Marylebone Road...

Apparently the winning team, (of ex-apprentices, note) have spent the last three months in Peter Henderson's boot camp learning how to rip out failed equipment on the WCML with their bare hands to save time and allow replacement in an eight hour possession.