Saturday, 24 October 2009

Specialists prove pope catholic - shocker!

This from the department of the bleedin' obvious and posted round various depots...


Seasonal Weather Warning

Advance reports from Network Rail weather specialists indicate that the Southern region may experience more adverse autumnal conditions during the coming few days.

To remind you, this may lead to the trees shedding their leaves and you experiencing low rail adhesion conditions.

No shit Sherlock!

Revolution's top ten tweeters

New-media savy Richard Baker makes it into Revolution's top ten tweeters

@richard_baker General Manager for Virgin Trains Liverpool, N Wales & Chester to London. Passionate about leadership, service, social media and innovation.

Good effort and congratulations.

UPDATE: This from a Mr Saltaire...

How times have changed…

Imagine this; You’re the boss of a company. You walk into an office full of your employees and you find they are all sitting at their computers Twittering…

Question is, do you congratulate them – or fire them!?!??