Monday, 9 November 2009

FuCC news

***So who is to be the new MD of First Capital Connect?***

ATOC - adrift from reality

Good news from ATOC!

Whilst their TOC members plead poverty it appears that the trade forum lives in a parallel universe where their suppliers have oodles of money.

Or so it would appear judging from this ratecard touted round suppliers by the agency selling space in the new ATOC Telephone Directory.

The ATOC Directory – November 2009

Advertising Space Available------Cost per Issue

Outside Back Cover--------------£10,000

Inside Back Cover----------------£6,000

Inside Front Cover---------------£7,000

Eye wateringly expensive!

Why for the price of the outside cover you could travel with Arriva XC from Newquay to Fort William almost ten times...

Shabby Eurostar marks 15th Anniversary

This from Marketing...

Eurostar launches campaign to mark 15th anniversary

Eye recommends that Eurostar marks the anniversary by cleaning, or better still repainting, its tatty trains.

Glasgow will lose East Coast Main Line services!

Much excitement in the media this weekend over suggestions that Glasgow will come off the East Coast franchise map.

The story prompted a strong denial from the Noble Lord in the Sunday Times:

Lord Adonis, the UK transport minister, last night dismissed claims that direct train services between Glasgow and London on the East Coast Main Line were about to be axed.

Adonis said that he knew of no such plan, insisting that he would not withdraw rail services from Glasgow.

But what's this?

The Noble Lord claims that he has no knowledge of such a plan.

Shome mishtake shurley!

Why it was only two years ago, when the last East Coast franchise failed, that exactly the same plans were submitted by officials.

The fact that they were vetoed by the then minister doesn't mean that such plans have gone away.

Indeed, after a second high profile franchise failure on the same route, these plans now make even more sense.

By removing the need to serve Glasgow, Inverness and Aberdeen there would be considerable operational savings (fuel, traincrew and rolling stock).

Better still it may be possible to free up some East Coast 125mph trains so that ScotRail could run their own premium service within Scotland.

Class 180s anyone?

So Eye confidently predicts that when the East Coast franchise is eventually re-let Edinburgh will be as far is it goes.

Lookalike - Railair

With a bowler tip to Inspector Blakey.