Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Tail wags dog

Serious news: ORR paper pushers may have to do some work in the next two weeks!

Or so it would appear from a story bordering on the indiscreet in today's FT:

"The Office of Rail Regulation (ORR) said neither Virgin Trains nor East Midlands Trains had yet signed track access agreements for their services under the new timetable, due to deliver a range of faster, more frequent services from December 14."

How annoying of EMT & Virgin to focus on running trains when it might inconvenience the ORR's very tight programme of vacillating and Christmas parties.

No special pleading please

This courtesy of Guido

The Fact Compiler is delighted that MPs now know what it's like for the rest of us.

After all
they voted to enact such draconian "security" legislation.

Wooden you know!

An arboreal conundrum...

...from Driver Potter

Surely everyone knows
that South Western men have hearts of Oak!


This from Behind the Water Tower...

100 year old dream !

Can someone sort Bernard the Visionary a gong?

Shock? Horror!

The Fact Compiler is a great fan of HTML.

Especially when read on iPhones, Blackberries and the like.

Thus, it came as no surprise to receive a press release from Stagecoach which read as follows:


The question marks are understandable, but surely one exclamation mark would have covered it!

Johnston to investigate

*** British Transport Police chief constable Ian Johnston is to investigate police handling of the inquiry which led to the search of Damian Green's House of Commons office.***