Friday, 21 October 2011

Pointless signs - Euston

This from Marshy...

Sadly a disappointing entry, as it contains some genuinely useful, although slightly worrying, information.

Happily, it has a humorous aspect.

Eye hopes the 'missing' signal safely reverts soonest.

Greening appoints Special Advisers

Guido reporting the following have been appointed as Justine Greening's Special Advisers...

Graham Hook as policy SpAd, he’s the former CCHQ briefer for Question Time. Victoria Crawford from the CCHQ press office will handle the media.

More here.

Pointless signs - Coventry

This from a Mr Contra-Flow...

Greetings from Coventry where our friends at CrossCountry are clearly a little challenged by their Gregorian vs Julian calendars.

"Sunday 31st October" is just so last year!