Monday, 2 November 2009

Merseyrail abolishes kiss and ride

This from the Commuter...

Merseyrail has published it's own decalogue.

Good to see that they have already managed to surpass the eight 'thou shalt nots' contained in the original 10 Commandments.

Amongst the list of 'don'ts' is the surprising injunction that station car parks are not to be used as meeting places.

And as you can't loiter on the station either presumably vast numbers of local citizens are now in breach of whatever draconian laws are used to enforce this nonsense.

Just because you think you're innocent doesn't mean that you're not guilty.

UPDATE: This fruity suggestion from Leo Pink...

Is 'meeting place' the bowdlerised form of 'Thou shalt not dog in station car parks'?

UPDATE: This from Chionanthus virginicus...

So here's a bit of Merseyrail logic...

Command No 2: "Customers are expected to be in possession of a valid ticket if they intend to travel on our trains"

is listed as the

"...type of behaviour which is unacceptable and have (surely that should be "has") a detrimental impact on other passengers etc......" ???

Now cahrm down, cahrm down, it could only happen on Mareseyside !!

UPDATE: This from Rudi over at Merseyrail...

Believe it or not, nefarious practices do go on in station car parks.

I know of one car park which was being used by a dodgy local car dealer as his shop window to display and sell cars...

And there is anecdotal evidence of other types of dealing (don't know about dogging; maybe the CCTV cameras add another dimension to some exhibitionism enthusiasts?).

Our Code of Conduct signs are the "layman's translation" of the railway byelaws which run into many pages, are full of legalese and in their written form are about as riveting as the phone book.

As you will know, we are the only TOC to actually actively apply these byelaws to combat feet-on-seats, loud music from phones, drunkenness, smoking and other forms of anti-social behaviour which turns people off using trains.

And our passengers love it and so do passengers from other parts of the country who tell us that they'd love their TOC to do the same!

Up in smoke

This from Analytica...

Stobart and Schenker complete first UK reefer rail service

Presumably the train was crewed by Cheech and Chong?

UPDATE: This from a fan of Private Eye's Psuedo-names...


"Each refrigerated container is monitored remotely by Stobart from ‘pack-house to customer’ to ensure the temperature is precisely controlled and the produce arrives on time and in optimum condition."

Why can't the Voyager/Meridian TOCs (and others) do the same for their vehicles so I too can arrive in optimum condition?

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