Friday, 27 February 2009

Bowker sets out his stall

***This from former Rail hack Will Green, now The Journal's Political Editor***

Perhaps Platinum Trains had a point?

Bowkerballs 2

By his own words shall you judge him!

This from the Daily Telegraph, 15th August 2007...

"We have had a very simple bidding philosophy,'' said Mr Bowker. ''We will not bid at levels we think are unsustainable or undeliverable - there's no point in being a hero for a day and a villain forever more afterwards."

A villain forever more.


Richard Bowker’s performance on the BBC’s working lunch programme may have caused one or two viewers a severe bout of indigestion.

The Silver Surfer argued that National Express East Coast should no longer be liable for the £1.4bn it has promised to pay the treasury, as the deal was signed in "a different economic climate" .

Good effort Rich!

Thanks for explaining this new 'Bowker's Law'.

Where else could it apply...

Suffering negative equity?

Just call your mortgage lender, mention you signed the deal "in a different economic climate" and demand a similar relaxing of repayment terms!

Bound to work - just say Rich sent you!

What an ugly baby!

Extra-ordinary news from the cranktocracy.

The Eye is advised that a Baby Deltic is to be reborn!

The donor vehicle is 37272 and work has already started today at top secret Derbyshire research centre, Llih Worrab!

A spokesman for the project said "first lump gas axed into the pit this morning".

Some conception - some baby!

UPDATE: An excited Captain Deltic asks...

...will the next project be to re-engine a Deltic with a class 50 engine to recreate DP2?

UPDATE: This harsh response from a Rail Professional columnist...

I think it's great if someone is going to recreate a baby Deltic.

Since they were withdrawn after barely a decade's service, it can be a permanent reminder to everyone of everything that was worst about British Rail.

Perhaps a Rosco could pay for its refurbishment as a permanent reminder of the follies of public sector specification?

No point - the IEP is doing the job already.