Wednesday, 20 March 2013

HMQ celebrates 150 as LUL plans for more!

Good to see Her Majesty the Queen celebrating 150 years of London's Underground!

Happily HMQ appears in rude health aboard the Derby built S stock - with a bowler tip to the BBC.

Eye salutes you Ma'am!

Meanwhile, London's railway is clearly gearing up for the next 150 years, judging by this note sent out by TfL Rail supremo Mike Brown on Monday:

Organisation of London Underground & London Rail
I have decided to make some changes to the senior structure of the Rail and Underground team as follows:

Chief Operating Officer (COO), London Underground
Phil Hufton, the current Chief Asset Performance Officer will become the overall COO for LU combining his existing role with that soon to be vacated by Howard Collins. He plans to organise the team structure on a line group basis, following the principles already established for reorganisation of Tube Lines and APD.

Further details of the structure will be announced in due course, but for the time being Howard Collins remains as COO, with full operational control of London Underground services, and will work to support Phil to put this new structure in place over the next few months.

Director of Strategy and Service Development
Gareth Powell will take overall responsibility for London Rail, alongside his existing responsibilities.

Jonathan Fox will be the Acting Director of London Rail and will report to Gareth.

Rory O’Neill will become the Acting Director of the DLR and he along with Danny Price, Head of the Emirates Airline and Sharon Thompson, the Director of Tramlink will report to Jonathan.

Mike Stubbs, Director Overground, will continue to have a dual role for the Overground and Crossrail. He will have a direct reporting line to Howard Smith for the Crossrail responsibilities and to Jonathan for his Overground responsibilities.

Andrew McIntosh, Head of Concession Management will report to Howard Smith as most of Andrew’s role and that of his team is around the Crossrail concession.

Director of Capital Programmes
David Waboso will work across the Rail and Underground teams to bring a coherent model for the delivery of capital programmes.

There are many challenges ahead which, I am sure, will make use of all the many talents within the wider Underground and Rail teams and Phil, David and Gareth, with Jon Fox, Mike Stubbs and the rest of their teams will work to exploit synergies across our organisation.

Further details will be announced in due course.
Mike Brown, Managing Director

Very good. Carry on.