Saturday, 5 October 2013

FCC reminds passengers that manners do matter

A rare plaudit for First Capital Connect!

This from the Beeb... 

First Capital Connect issues passenger etiquette guide

First Capital Connect advert 

A rail firm has issued a cartoon guide to "train etiquette", asking passengers not to assume fellow travellers share their food and music tastes.

First Capital Connect (FCC) said its campaign encourages people to be more careful on the railway and more considerate of one other.

Its adverts include slogans such as "don't assume they share your taste for kebabs and dubstep".

Advertising experts claim humour is a good way to "cut through" to people.

Good effort!

But one, small, tiny, almost infinitesimal, but none the less significant, niggle...

Sigh... what precisely is wrong with the correct term 'railway etiquette'?