Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Smart ticket - dumb name!

This from Thomas Edmonson...

Manchester's new transport smart card is to be called 'My get me there'

Now I can understand the rationale behind LT's 'Oyster' - as Del Boy would say, with the card the world's your lobster.

Merseyside's 'Walrus' is an obvious homage to the Beatles - Hong Kong having got there first with the Octopus.

And I suppose Southern's 'Key' could imply that it is the key to simpler travel.

But  'My get me there' sounds more like a nursery euphemism.

Should the Manchester authorities decide to recant in the face of local protects can I suggest 'Itso'? (Why? Ed).

Because It's so easy to use! (Groan. Ed)

UPDATE: This from a Mr Paul Prentice...

They can't use 'Itso'.

It sounds far too much like a certain Japanese sushi bar chain (Itsu) in which one Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned…