Friday, 9 January 2009

Going, going, gone?

Timing as they say is everything.

Smart money suggested that Go-Ahead would keep it's head down after turning London Midland into a disaster zone in recent weeks.

So full marks to Go-Ahead for deciding to announce 300 job losses on the South Eastern today.

A move designed to gladden the hearts of Ministers battling growing unemployment figures, especially after Go-Ahead recorded profits of £131.1 million last year.

With DafT due to announce the winner of the South Central franchise in the summer, Go-Ahead must hope Ministers have short memories.....

Prepare for Opposition!

Railway Eye salutes the generosity of Lord Adonis!

This self serving tosh from DafT...

"Passengers who have suffered during a week of misery on the West Coast Main Line should claim compensation under the Passenger's Charter, Transport Minister Andrew Adonis said today."

Putting aside the fact that it was DafT which demanded the completion of the West Coast Mainline Upgrade by Christmas (which may, or may not, have contributed to this week's chaos) it is of course Network Rail who will pay TOCs for the disruption caused.

The TOCs then reimburse passengers for the 'week of misery'.

So why a Government minister feels compelled to remind passengers that they can claim money from private sector companies for the latest West Coast Woe is a mystery.

This is the sort of grandstanding one expects from an opposition party.

Perhaps Adonis is preparing for the back benches?

UPDATE: Wolmar of course takes a contrary view...

The Case of the Silent Dog (Episode 2)

"I say, Holmes, aren't you being a little hard on the ORR? They have produced a statement after all."

"Indeed, Watson, and what did it say?"

"Well, Holmes, it said they are taking it all 'very seriously indeed' and are 'closely monitoring what NR is doing to get things working again'."

"And what do you deduce from this Watson?"

"That they are watching, Holmes."

"So Watson, which is more deserving of supper; a watchdog that watches, or a watchdog that barks?"

Highway robbery

If only DafT and Cambridge County Council had listened to Cast Iron - the lobby group seeking to return a railway line to St Ives.

This from Transport Briefing...

"Fears that the Cambridge to St Ives guided busway project could cost more than planned have prompted promoter Cambridgeshire County Council to delay the construction of passenger facilities."

How splendid. The UK's first freight busway.

Baggage train

Exciting news from Network Rail!

According to a press release Waterloo passengers are to "benefit from Europe's largest ticket gate line".

The Fact Compiler had always thought that ticket barriers were designed to prevent fare evasion.

How old railway!

Apparently today's ticket barriers actually enhance the travel experience!

They're also great for staff morale - just watch heavily loaded passengers try to use them. Chortle!

Road to nowhere

Looks like BoJo's decision last year to cape the Dagenham Dock extension has hit the DLR hard.

Indeed if this page, on the TfL website, is anything to go by it rather looks like the project team have entered a state of denial!

Perhaps they hope Boris will think again.

Deluded fools.

The Case of the Silent Dog

Telegrammed by 221b Baker Street
'I say, Holmes, what do you make of the mysterious case of the falling West Coast Main Line catenary?

'Watson, you will of course have noted the significance of the Office of Rail Regulation's pontification on this matter.'

'But Holmes, ORR has said nothing!'

'That, Watson, is the significance'