Sunday, 31 August 2008

Don't panic

Telegrammed by our man at 222 Marylebone Road
The 'IEP Evaluation Process Guidance Document' for the Frankenstein Train was published on Friday.

It promises to beat, with a very large stick, any bidder foolish enough to disclose confidential information:

5.2 Confidentiality
A fundamental requirement of the IEP procurement is that tender information is kept confidential at all times throughout the evaluation process and that the highest standards are applied and maintained in order to ensure that any evaluator’s access to Bidder information is restricted to that agreed with the evaluation team leads and set out herein as defined by the access to information defined in ASITE.

Specifically commercially sensitive tender information must be controlled to:

  • Prevent the prospect of insider trading in share prices
  • Avoid the leakage of undesirable information to Bidders and the undermining of the DfT’s negotiating leverage.
  • Provide confidence in the procurement process
  • Reduce the risk of Judicial Review
Does the stricture against 'the leakage of undersirable information' apply to the MD of one of the bidding groups who has already pointed out that the diesel version is "unfundable"?

Probably not, as DafT is terrified that if just one of the two bidders walks away the whole sorry process will attract even greater censure from the inevitable NAO inquiry.

For richer for poorer

Who would be an ATOC press officer?

Today's ersatz industry ensures that when there is good news TOCs take the credit.

When it's bad news they let ATOC shoulder the blame.

Thus in today's Sunday Telegraph it is an ATOC press officer "on behalf of London Midland and Northern Rail" that defends the eye watering increases that next week's fare revision will impose.

Poor old ATOC - always a bridesmaid never a bride.