Saturday, 19 September 2009

Adonis addicted to lines - Shocker!

This from Sim Harris...

Is anyone paying attention?

According to The Department...

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis said, "The new East London Line will be of great benefit to rail passengers in London with more frequent trains to more destinations."

Well, fair enough.

Except, err... it will be the 'East London Railway'.

The ELL designation has been dropped.

Who failed to brief the Noble Lord or did he merely fail to listen?

UPDATE: This from a Mr Saltaire who plainly has too much time on his hands...

Who says it should be called the East London Railway?

Well, I thought that Balfour Beatty did, since their web site for the project is

However, when you open the web site, the title says…. East London Line Project!

It WAS called the East London Railway, when it first opened in 1865.

But, apparently, the line WILL be called the East London Railway, WHEN IT IS COMPLETED.

So, technically, The Noble Lord is right…. Hurrah!