Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Slow news day - Official

Much noise amongst the railway chattering classes.

Apparently a number of key individuals are either very quiet or on the move!

The Fact Compiler particularly liked the suggestion from one wag that the new, improved, non-sexist Premier League has inspired a number of senior colleagues to apply for positions as 'linesmen'.

Eye thinks we should be told!

Byers and the riddle of the sands

Good news for rail passengers in the United Arab Emirates!

Former Transport Minister Stephen Byers is apparently providing his not inconsiderable skills to UAE's Union Railway, the company run by old mate Richard Bowker, which is tasked with building a 1,500 km network linking the seven Emirates.

Byers' role is unclear but Eye suspects that his experience will prove invaluable in keeping passengers on the move, should the project suffer any delays.

What could be more sensible than having 'a sort of cab for hire' close at hand?