Tuesday, 12 May 2009

An humble submission to The High Court of Parliament

This chap seems okay.

The cheapest MP in the House.

Any chance you can make him Speaker?

Unless there is someone else who claims less.

That would be good.


Eye names the railway hoons

Telegrammed by our man at 222 Marylebone Road.
Tonight's London Evening Standard names three ministers who could face police inquiries over the expenses revelations.

Darling, McNulty and Hoon (obviously)

All three have 'served' in the Department for Transport.

Cameron stamps on hoons

***Cameron to instruct Tory MPs to repay any allowances not in the 'spirit' of the rules***

Over to you Gordon...

UPDATE: Iain Dale has the details.

Railway Children Mad Day

Anyone know what happened to Mad Day on the railways?

Just wondered, that's all.

Oh, and Mr Maidment is
asking for your support again this year.

If you are doing something to support the Railway Children let us know.

UPDATE: Captain Deltic observes...

Surely, as Eye demonstrates with unfailing reliability, every day is Mad Day on Britain's railways.

And has been since 1 April 1994.

Top 10 railway cafes

This from the Grauniad...

The good news is that, despite Lord Adonis's damning criticisms, there are decent places to eat and drink on British stations.

View the top ten here.

Every penny counts

Good to see that the dead-tree media have finally caught up.

There is predictable press fury today over the decision by National Express to levy a £2.50 charge on standard class reservations.

Shame the story is being slightly occluded by the scandal of our troughing MPs - who of course won't have to pay the charge as they travel first class.