Friday, 30 November 2012

Wyvern Rail in one and a quarter minutes

A bit of Friday night easy viewing via Raildate:


McLoughlin signals end to micro-management!

Yesterday the Secretary of State visited NR's Western Route to look at flood damage. 

Here Patrick is being interviewed by the Beeb at the site of the Westerleigh landslip between Swindon and Bristol, where a falling away of part of the track’s foundations is resulting in service alterations and delay.

And here the Route Managing Director, Patrick Hallgate, describes mitigation measures and plans to restore full service, as well as pointing out that this site is one of dozens his team are currently dealing with across the Route.

Note that the SoS has resisted the urge to dress up as a member of railway staff!

An encouraging sign for the future?

Melbourne Metro: Dumb ways to die

This Australian safety video has gone viral...

Not sure why Boris Johnson features at the end though!