Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Police poster campaign

Telegrammed by Lord Peter Whimsy

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Namealike #2

More angry letters in the latest issue of Rail over the IEP award to Hitachi.

One reader, a Dr M J Provost who writes from Nottingham, makes the following point...

"...before the matter can be laid to rest I feel that the whole issue will need to be fully addressed so we know the reason why Bombardier didn't deserve the contract."

A very fair point Dr Provost.

And the Eye agrees that the Secretary of State should answer your question immediately!

However, Rail only gives your address as Nottingham, and it's a big place.

Would it be okay if Mr Hoon sent his answer care of your namesake, at Litchurch Lane, Derby?

Adonis on the cushions!

This from The Times...

No red signal when minister plays with train set

All aboard the Adonis Express. Frustrated commuters will get direct access to the Transport Minister next week when Lord Adonis embarks upon a railway voyage to criss-cross Britain in six days.

The Minister will board the Paddington to Truro sleeper service on Easter Monday, just one man, his laptop and a £375 standard class Rail Rover ticket. On Saturday he will arrive in York after a 1,500-mile Michael Palin-style trip, involving 45 trains and extensive knowledge of the timetable.

Sources within Marsham Street have described scenes of terror as Mandarins realised that Adonis was serious about seeing what the real railway is like.

***The Eye is offering £5 for the best picture of Adonis hiding in First as overcrowded Standard class passengers seek to give him a full, frank and unexpurgated view of government transport policy!***

UPDATE: This from John B...

Your £5 offer would imply a member of the public having the slightest idea who Andrew Adonis is, and what he looks like - I'd happily place a counter-bet that 0 out of 100 people would be able to identify him or his job given a photo...

What a naughty tease you are John! How can The Fact Compiler resist?

As a service to the industry and purely for recognition purposes here is a picture of Lord Adonis on a previous holiday...

In place of strife?

Has Bob Crow had a Damascene conversion?

This just in from the RMT...

“We are available for talks to sort this problem out, but blatantly bullying management is not acceptable,” Bob Crow said.

HR directors across the industry were too shocked to comment.

What's in a name?

This from the latest 'Rail Users Express', edited by Tony Smale...

"The North Devon Rail Users’ Group is to change its name to the Tarka Rail Association, principally to reflect the fact that it represents the whole of the Exeter-Barnstaple line and not just the northern part. The committee also reports problems that have resulted from internet filters latching on to the DRUG element of NDRUG!"

In a previous issue Tony reported that a group with the words “Travellers’ Association” in its title was contacted by a tabloid grubbing for dirt about caravan dwellers!