Friday, 15 August 2008


Telegrammed by The Master
Overheard this afternoon...

... as traincrew boarded the 1611 Worcs - Padd (formed of an HST rather than an Adelante).

"It's nice to have a proper train!"

Hull Trains take note!

A two pipe problem

To whom does 31468 belong?

Owners RMS Locotech were convinced it belonged to them.

However, prior to its move from Barrow Hill to Derby the following signs were found plastered inside the loco's cab.

"A case of mistaken identity Holmes?"

"Certainly one of trespass Watson!"

Sayonara Voyager

Plenty of media noise over the young infantryman turfed off an Arriva Cross Country service for having a discounted ticket and no supporting Forces Railcard.

The strongest condemnation was rightly reserved for the alleged comments of the Senior Conductor: "I don't know what you are complaining about. It is not as if you've taken a bullet or anything".

These words may well come back to haunt Arriva.

Seeking to cut through the media noise The Fact Compiler visited the insider forums on WNXX where he found the following pithy analysis of the event:

Squaddie gets train with discounted ticket
Squaddie has no railcard on his person
Gets gripped, offers lip, gets chinged
Goes to papers, makes money

None-the-less perhaps the former Virgin Voyagers should now be renamed Arriva Bullet Trains?

Public service announcement

Paul Bigland, Pictographer Royal to the railway industry, has been sending out frantic emails to all and sundry:

"I managed to lose my Blackberry out of a train window at the weekend - so I've lost all your phone numbers.

Please feel free to text me with abuse, but please put your name to it so that I know it's your number!"

If you know Paul perhaps you could oblige...