Thursday, 31 March 2011

Berlin is not amused!

This from the late Max Weber...

Germany's state owned operator is not best pleased that Arriva failed to prequalify for the InterCity West Coast franchise.

Despite assurances that owning Chiltern, Cross Country and Arriva Trains Wales wouldn't present a problem, the DfT presumably took a more cautious view of potential competition issues.

This combined with the unravelling of Chiltern's latest Evergreen project, Cross Country's continuing failure to provide WiFi and growing industrial unrest at ATW means that Berlin is getting increasingly nervous about how it is perceived in the UK.

Of course DB head honcho Rüdiger Grube has a reputation as a hard task master!

Only last November he took a scythe to the board of DB Fernverkehr, the subsidiary that runs Germany's InterCity network, for poor performance.

Experts in Bismarkian diplomacy suggest that all is well until the summons comes to attend a meeting 'ohne kaffee' with Grube.

Arriva's senior team may care to note, wherever they may be...

UPDATE: This from Rose Hill...

It looks as if Herr Grube has a full plate at the moment.

According to Logistics Manager...

The European Commission has revealed that it is investigating allegations that the German railway group Deutsche Bahn has breached anti-trust rules that prohibit the abuse of a dominant market position.

The benefits – or not – of pursuing vertical integration.

Evergreen goes from strength to strength!

Hands up everyone who is planning to travel by rail over Easter?

Chiltern passengers - put them down!