Tuesday, 17 June 2008

HMG sets NR an example

***HMG has decreed that Government ministers will give up their pay rise for the forthcoming year. A welcome development that would have been unthinkable in the days of the Tony & Cherie gravy train.***

Perhaps those Masters of the Trough - Messrs MacAllister, Coucher and the Henderson twins, can still be prevailed upon to withdraw their snouts from NR's bonus pot - bearing in mind the company's piss-poor performance over Christmas.

Rugby balls

***The Fact Compiler is being deluged with emails from passengers on the West Coast Main Line where yet another signal failure at Rugby is playing havoc with Virgin services. Top of the list of complaints is a complete lack of information on what is happening.***

The Fact Compiler hopes Beardie-rail remembers to keep passengers informed before putting the boot into NR

Sursum corda

***Alistair Osbourne in the Daily Telegraph is touting LCR's Rob Holden as a successor to NR's stay at home chairman Ian MacAllister.***

Railway Eye readers will recollect that The Times had previously suggested Tom Winsor for the role.

The Fact Compiler is gladdened that the bonus laden MacAllister's departure is now a matter of when, not if.


***Martin Waller in The Times' City Diary reflects on the award, in The Queen's birthday honours list, of a "K" to Worst Group's Moir Lockhead***