Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Light Rail can proceed at caution

Good news for fans of the bleedin' obvious! (shurely 'Trams'? Ed)

The much delayed review into Light Rail has finally been published.

According to the DfT press release announcing the publication the recommendations from the review include;

  • to implement a new project design of light rail systems which is uniform across the industry;
  • to look at lower cost schemes overseas to see whether they could be adopted in this country;

  • to set up a ‘centre of procurement excellence’ to advise on the best procurement options.

  • caution hot surfaces; and

  • may contain nuts
Light Rail champion and Transport Minister 'Stormin' Norman Baker welcomed the report from the LibDem's Party Conference in Birmingham:

“In the past light rail systems have been seen as expensive and an unaffordable option for local authorities to pursue – I initiated this review so we can get to the nub of the problem.

“I now urge all parts of the light rail sector to work together on implementing these recommendations and I look forward to working with them towards these exciting opportunities."

The report, Green Light for Light Rail, can be found here.

UPDATE: This from a weary sounding Captain Deltic...

Is a 'Centre of Procurement Excellence' a rare example of the triple oxymoron?