Tuesday, 3 September 2013

How not to do PR. No 94

Eye congratulates the Press Officer Scotland for First UK Bus! 

Two suggestions.

In the first instance probably best not to send out a doco with tracked changes visible.

And secondly, don't then panic and send an email to all those you originally blind copied but this time listing all of them in the 'To' field. 

This tends to show the extent of the original c0ck-up and more importantly adds to your discomfort...

No matter - we've all done it, once!

Of course everyone will 'ignore the last e-mail' and look forward to the 'statement' that 'will be issued by Chelsea... at 2p. today'.

Meanwhile, Eye hopes the communications around depot restructuring in the Midlands and South East are going to plan

UPDATE: This from Nameless Bus Industry Journalist...

I received the said missive from First UK Bus, but noted that the actual media holding statement has just arrived from Chelsea at 15:13 rather than the promised '2p.'

Good to see First UK Bus are on top of punctuality!!