Wednesday, 26 April 2017

BTP promotes early age safety culture

This from the Inverness Courier...

TWO Inverness schoolchildren are to become rail safety ambassadors after trespassing on a main line near the city. 

The girl and boy aged five and six were caught with a group of older children on the railway line at Woodside Burn, Smithton...

PC Andrea McGhee said: “When the schools go back after the Easter holidays I will be speaking to the local primary school on the dangers of being on the line and I have asked the two children to be my wee helpers during my presentation.

“I have already had a chat with them and made them aware of the dangers of going onto a railway line.”

Always good to see Scotland leading the way.

More of this please British Transport Police, as part of your national programme.

Precisely why we need a specialist, nationwide, transport police service. 

Just in case Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, is listening?

RMT backs Corbyn for GE2017

This from The Brothers...

"The union said that, following a decision of its ruling NEC, RMT is supporting a maximum Labour vote at the 2017 General Election to defeat the Tories and for there to be a Labour Government led by Jeremy Corbyn."

In other news, bears have confirmed that their PNBs are wood centric.

Simon Jones shortlisted for GE2017 seat

According to Guido, Simon Jones is on the Tory shortlist to contest the Hornchurch and Upminster seat.

Jones is Chris Grayling's special adviser. He is in a three-way for the Conservative candidate nomination against Mark Field’s parliamentary researcher Julia Dorkerill and former Cameron adviser Shaun Bailey.

Hornchurch and Upminster was held in the 2015 election by Angela Watkinson for the Tories with a 13,000 majority. Watkinson is standing down as MP for health reasons.