Thursday, 24 May 2012

First Community Rail iPhone app launched

So. The once supposedly doomed Community Rail Lines are yet again putting mainstream TOCs to shame!

Whilst the marketing genii of the privatised railways struggle to master the use of social media it is left to the Big Society railways to show the digital way forward.

Eye presents an iPhone app from the Bittern & Wherry Lines!

The very first Community Rail app, and of course it is free!

Good effort!

Meanwhile several TOCs remain wedded to a sadly dying analogue world.

Perhaps Eye's Open Access friends, who haven't even mastered Twitter yet, should do a spot of poaching from the Big Society?

NR unveils mono-rail trial in Bedfordshire

This from the Cardinal...

 As you can see the new platform for the mono-rail station at Sandy is coming on well.

Good to see that NR's development of Alternative Solutions makes use of existing signalling provision.

Villiers lets slip size of CP5 Budget - Shocker!

Tafia Vanity Express partially derailed

This from ITV...

The Welsh Government have announced changes to the North-South Wales express train service.

From September this year it will run once a day instead of twice, but will stop at additional stations in Wrexham and Flint. The Government say it will save half a million pounds a year.

Who would have guessed it would have come to this when the second daily return service was announced last March.

No doubt the few remaining passengers of the soon to be withdrawn second train can be catered for more cost effectively by chauffeured Rolls?

Life imitates art - No. 94

Good to see that the Highways Agency is up to speed.

This from the glossary of the 'Post Opening Project Evaluation, M27 J11-12 Climbing Lanes, One Year After Study' undertaken by Atkins Transport Planning:

That is all.